Changing the seasons.

This week, first week back at school and first week back at the gym at 5.00am! Even though we don’t really have seasons here in Zimbabwe, you can sense a change in the weather. My sons in the Northern Hemisphere are beginning to enjoy a rise in temperature and longer days. While here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are getting that early morning nip in the air. So I thought to celebrate I would show you my first quilt entry for the 2017 Zimbabwe Patchwork and Quilting Show. You’ve seen some of it before in a previous post.

The quilt is a mini quilt measuring 20″x 20″, it is called Happy Fall and is from an original design by Sugaridoo a Dutch designer who featured on Sew Mama Sew. I originally saw this quilt months ago, long before I had even entered the field of Foundation Paper Piecing. In fact it was the first pattern to pique my interest. I attempted to make one of the clouds and was completely lost. So I put it to one side determined that with a bit more experience I would attempt it again. As you know I have now done a few more bits of Foundation Paper Piecing so returned to the pattern with renewed confidence.

Paper pieced umbrellas and clouds
Six of the squares that I showed you in a previous post.

After these six squares I just had three more to make, two with wellington boots, and one more open umbrella.

Not everything went according to plan.

Paper pieced Wellington boot
This is what happens when you don’t colour in the pattern correctly.

This small error was such a pain as I had to unpick two parts of the block to correct it.

Happy Fall Quilt Top
Top done with sashing.

The nine blocks are then joined together using 1″ wide sashing. I made raindrops using scraps of the cloud fabric and attached them to the quilt using Thermoweb. Then I quilted in wavy lines using a turquoise thread to pick out the cloud colours, and to match the back of the quilt.

Happy Fall quilt quilted.
Happy quilting

I made a cute label for the quilt just by putting the fabric through my printer. I typed up the wording that I wanted on the label and positioned it so that it was central on a piece of A4 paper when printed. Then I cut a 5″x 5″ square and attached it using sticky tape by the four corners, directly over the printing on the paper. Then I fed the paper with fabric attached through the printer again. When the fabric came out of the printer, after the sticky tape had been removed, I pressed with a hot iron to sealed the ink. Then I made the square into a tube and stitched down the back (this will go on the inside of the label.

Quilt label
The quilt label

The quilt was then bound in a lovely soft java print that I had in my stash and which I also used to back the quilt.

Happy Fall Quilt backing
Happy Fall Quilt rear view.
Happy Fall Quilt finished
Happy Fall Quilt the finished item.

Here’s the finished quilt. Perfectly reflecting the season changes.





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  1. It’s lovely Rima. I don’t know how you find the time for all your projects. I guess you don’t ever sleep! xxx

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