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“Everyone Needs Deadlines- Walt Disney

Another week passes in the blink of an eye, and I like to think that I have used my time effectively. I work long hours and with the run up to the Interhouse Athletics Meet, this is not going to change before March 11th. So I get very little time in the evenings and then try and have a sewfest on the weekend.

I spent last Sunday cutting out clamshell shapes to make a quilt for a work colleague, Chipo, she is expecting her third child. The pattern I was using was for a mini quilt and so I cut more shapes than suggested as I wanted to make a crib size quilt. The cutting and pressing involved in a clamshell quilt is significant and I had a really stiff neck by last Sunday night. I was therefore a little despondent when I laid the quilt out to see that I really need to cut out the same amount of shapes again. My neck couldn’t take it! Then when I saw Chipo on Wednesday she told me she would be leaving for maternity leave two weeks earlier than I had anticipated. I had been hoping for more time to sort the pattern out, as it is the first time I have done the Clamshell Quilt.

Add to this the fact that it is School Play time again, and I am required to make some costumes. I knew something had to give, the deadlines were creeping up on me and I had to respond. But what to do?

I don’t know about you, but I work much more productively, when I have a deadline to work too.

I decided to make a different, simpler quilt for Chipo. Late last year I made some of the “1 Hour Baskets” designed by Kelly Bowser from Hearts and Bees, and with the pattern available for free on Craftsy. I took some into work and sold them and Chipo wanted me to make one for her. With her impending delivery I decided to make one to match her quilt and fill it with baby goodies.

At last years Black Friday sale, I bought some cute Jelly Bean fabric from Connecting Threads. As this had so many colours in it I decided to make this the basis for the quilt.

My fabric selection for the quilt which used 9 x 9 4 1/2″ squares.
I thought it looked pretty, the turquoise blue really pops.
Blocks stitched together ready for basting.
Beautifully bright colours to cheer a gloomy day.
I decided to make the “1 Hour Basket” using the same patchwork as the quilt.
I spray basted batting to the reverse of the fabric and then quilted it.
Having stitched along the two short sides and the bottom of the outside fabric, you need to cut a 3″ square out of the two bottom corners.
Like this. Notice that in the green lining I have left a gap so that the basket can be turned right sides out when finished.
Match the seams and sew 1/4″ from the edge. This will give a box like shape.
Here’s the basket before lining. Notice I have pinned the handles in place.
Right sides together stitch along the top seam and then pull everything through the gap in the green lining.
Here’s the finished basket full of goodies.

So in just two days I have managed to finish Chipo’s gift plus I have started on the play costumes.

Now I think I’ve been busy, but I’m not alone. My good friend and fellow quilter Ala had a huge challenge this week. She wanted to make a quilt as a wedding gift for a friend of her daughter’s who lives in Australia. The wedding is on April 15th so plenty of time right? Wrong, someone was flying to Australia on Saturday night and had volunteered to take it, and so Ala had to knuckle down and get on with it. In only seven days she produced the most beautiful quilt. Complete with a lovely label.

Ala shows off her beautiful quilt. What a lovely gift!
Even the label is spectacular.

So give me a deadline and I will try to meet it one way or the other. As they say here in Zimbabwe “We’ll make a plan”.