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Light at the end of the tunnel .

In a life full of work, quilting, friends and blogging, sometimes, something has to give, and with me last week it was the blog!

The last ten days have been so busy, involving among other things, taking students for athletics training every day in preparation for the annual Interhouse Athletics. This took place last Saturday, in a particularly rainy, rainy season and under a particularly threatening sky. That was a full day, that left me totally drained and fit for nothing. However the thought of an entire Sunday in front of me, with a quilting project in mind, and a weeks worth of BBC Radio 4’s The Archers and Women’s Hour to listen to, soon brought me back to life. I wanted to start something that was (in my opinion) manageable. I also wanted it to be something that I could possibly enter for the Zimbabwe Patchwork and Quilting Show later on this year. I have two quilts that I would like to enter so I thought I had better get started.

Despite all the information available online through Pinterest, Instagram etc I have, this year taken the plunge and decided to subscribe to a couple of Quilting magazines. After some careful research I chose ” ❤️ Patchwork and Quilting” which is a U.K. magazine and “Make Modern Magazine“an Australian publication. Although they cover the same subject, they are both different in their own way.

One of the things I love about “Make Modern Magazine” is that they treat their subscribers so well, giving us free patterns and early releases of patterns prior to the magazine publication. That is what happened this month when they released “Catch a Falling Star” a foundation paper pieced 10″ x 10″design by one of my favourite designers Kristy Lea.


As soon as I saw the pattern I wanted to make it. Why? Well it involves a lot of choosing fabrics and I have had to get “very up close and personal” with my stash which is something I love doing, and then it involves paper piecing, another love, so it really wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

I decided to set myself the challenge of making one block a day and posting it on Instagram IG name Rimazimchick (I think it’s called self motivation!). The original pattern is made up as a mini quilt but I am going to make a bigger version, although I haven’t yet decided on the size.

Block 1 – Shades of teal/ grey
Block 2 -Shades of beige that I particularly like because my sister gave me some of the fabric that I used.
Block 3-Shades of Lime
Block 4-Shades of Olive
Block 5 – Shades of Petrol Blue

Then I had to take into consideration that having set myself this target, I had another very busy week ahead with a friends boozy birthday lunch, and a Model United Nations Conference taking up the best part of the week and the whole of this weekend (I am actually writing this while listening to 100+ students debating an emergency pandemic situation).

With this in mind and once I had recovered my sewjo I set to work on Sunday making a number of blocks so that I had some in reserve. In between times I also had to rustle up a nappy cake for a colleagues baby shower last Friday.

Nappy cake for Chipo

Then on Friday evening I thought I had better make a few more blocks to cover myself over this weekend as Saturday night we were due to finish at 8.00pm so I really wasn’t keen to start sewing once I got home. I also got an order for another nappy cake so sorted that as well.

Another nappy cake for my friend Kim’s sister in law.
Block 6-Shades of Orange
Block 7-Shades of Turquoise
Block 8-Shades of Dark Navy
Block 9-Shades of Royal/Bright Navy Blue

Now today as the Conference is drawing to a close, I know I have to get home and try and make a few more blocks in preparation for the coming week.

But as our Head told us last week, we only have two and a half weeks left until the end of term, there is light at the end of the tunnel. She forgot to mention the nearly 200 report comments that I need to write and the 120+ reports that I have to check before then!

But there is something about making a quilt that fires me up, it is my Kryptonite and I seem to find the energy for it even at times when I can’t face doing other things.



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