My First Mystery Quilt, not perfect, but finished!

One of my challenges for early 2017 was taking part in the Mitzie Schafer Mystery Sew Along . Mitzie is the designer behind Together Feather Studio and this was her first hosted Mystery Sew Along. I first came across Mitzie on Instagram, which if you are a quilter or any other sort of creative, and have not yet hooked up, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on, as it gives you the opportunity to connect with so many like minded people.

Mitzie announced the Mystery Sew Along towards the end of last year, with the first block being released on 14th January 2017. I was a bit nervous because I knew that with Form One Camp and my trip to The Netherlands I would be restricting the amount of time I had to work with. But I decided to live dangerously!

The fabrics that I bought in the U.K. at Christmas. What you don’t see in this photo is that the green is an ombré fabric, and what looks like plain navy is actually a purplish fabric.

I was able to do the first block before I went away to camp and was really pleased with it.

Week one’s block.

In between camp and my Netherlands trip, I squeezed in the next block.

Week two’s block.

I should add, that at the same time as doing this, I was making a mini quilt for one of my very creative, and dear friend, Mary Lou for her February birthday.

Mary Lou’s mini quilt. A design by Kristy Lea @Quietplay

When I returned from my trip I had some serious catching up to do. I was also feeling nervous about how the finished quilt was going to look. It is a serious thing to be giving up your time to make a quilt, not knowing if you will actually like the finished article. Anyway, I got block three and four done and then when I lined them all up I found that they were different sizes.

This is such a basic error. It always says check that your photocopy is set to 100% and I had assumed on the first two blocks that it was, obviously it wasn’t! So, I ended up having to remake blocks one and two. The only advantage of this was that by then I knew what the layout would look like and I decided to take the opportunity to change the colour of one of the blocks. Can you spot which one?

Top done, now just to baste and quilt.
How cute is this label? I will fold it in half and sew it into the binding of the quilt.

So the the quilt didn’t take too long to piece and baste. I then made the fatal decision to indulge my love of straight line quilting.

Wrong move?

Look its all subjective. Straight-line quilting can rarely be a wrong move, but its the ends that are the killer. I realise that I could have just cut off at the end of a line, but then what if it started to unravel, all my hard work would be for nothing.

I straight lined down the sides.
Then diagonally across the coloured blocks and centre panels.

Of course, I was wrong to sew the edges first, again another basic error, as it led to some minor puckering in the finished quilt.

Check out the threads on the front of  the quilt.
The back is no better and all these ends have to be threaded into the quilt.
After hours, and I mean hours, of tidying up the threads, the back looks almost as lovely as the front.
The finished quilt, not perfect, but finished.

So my first jaunt into the world of mystery sew alongs is over, and I am really pleased with the result, but I do think I now need to try a bit of free motion quilting. If only so I don’t have to tie up so many loose ends!



4 thoughts on “My First Mystery Quilt, not perfect, but finished!

  1. This is such a wonderful blog! I love hearing the detail about your Mystery Mini journey. I absolutely love the way you decided to quilt it. It is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this. Do you mind if I link to it in my newsletter?

  2. Just read your blog!!!
    How much sleep do you get?
    Lovely result though – looks super – clever girl.

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