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Starting Over

It’s been a funny old week.

Of course it goes without saying that with the end of term only four days away (whoop whoop!), the enormous job of writing and collating end of term reports is taking up much of my time.

I am still waiting for the delivery of navy fabric and so I can’t start on my “Catch a Falling Star” quilt.

I have finally cracked the pattern on the “Debbie Bliss Aran Tunic Dress” and now I don’t even need to look at the instructions. The back is finished and I am ploughing full steam ahead with the front.

Back finished and now I’ve started on the front.

Everything looks normal on the surface but underneath there is movement, a shift, a change. There is sadness and happiness at the same time. Is that even possible?

The cause of this shift is the fact that my youngest son Max, is leaving home. Just like Dick Whittington he is off to London to search for gold. Well not literally! It’s not that I am surprised by the news as I helped him tweak his CV and encouraged, dare I say pushed him into applying for work in the U.K.

Max, my youngest son.

You see the future for a young man in Zimbabwe is questionable. The opportunities in the U.K. for a well mannered, nicely turned out, intelligent young man who speaks and writes English fluently and has a British passport are far more encouraging. So I am sad that now both of my boys are living overseas, but at the same time I am happy that regardless of Brexit, they are still living in a land of opportunity.

Needless to say I needed to do something to take my mind off of his departure. So I decided to tackle a bit of foundation paper piecing that I had tried once before.

Happy Fall by Sugaridoo

It was actually the first pattern that I downloaded and I must be honest, the first time round I was completely baffled. I found it on Sew Mama Sew and it was designed by Sugaridoo. This time it has been a lot better as I have managed to make some of the blocks, however it is still a very challenging pattern.

Here are the blocks I have made so far:

Clouds ahead!
Umbrellas at the ready!
Umbrellas open!

Watch this space.



2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. What a lovely photo of Max. I’m sure you have mixed feelings re: his move to the U.K.but you are right in thinking he will have more doors open for him here in the workplace. Linda and I both wish him every success.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in September. Lots of Love XXX

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