Back to the drawing board!

So, my foray into Paper Piecing did not go well, initially!

This really was a complete mess!

I watched a you tube video from Jennifer Mathis at Ellison Lane which was simple and easy to follow. But then when I started sewing I couldn’t get my head around the fact that the finished work would be reversed. So I started removing the paper, putting it to the front of the fabric, generally making a complete mess of everything. As a result I ended up with a selection of pieces which lacked the precision required to make a successful quilt.

Nice bright colours but the stripes didn’t line up. For some reason when I stitched the panels together the two outer panels were smaller that the inner panels. 100% certain that is the sewer and not the pattern!

Also in the back of my mind were the only clues that my swap partner had given me , she liked bright colours and whimsical. Whimsical !

Bright but not whimsical!


My original pattern was called Interlocked by Kristy Lea and as you can see from the picture she has chosen bright colours, but I don’t know that I would call it whimsical. Anyway after I had finished cutting it out and bludgeoning it together, I realized that I would not be happy with the outcome. Now usually I would feel terrible at having given up, but not this time! No this time I decided I was not going to let the challenge of learning a new skill beat me.

So I went back to my Make Modern magazine and found another Kristy Lea pattern “Betty 💕 Fabric”. I liked the retro feel of this pattern and felt confident that my swap partner would like it too.

So I started with the head and although in the original pattern Betty has brown hair, my swap partner has blonde to mousy hair with darker tones underneath and so to personalize it I tried to make Betty’s hair look similar.
Next came the neck and the torso.
Add an arm.
And another arm.
I added the top part of the skirt and stitched it all together .
I added the base of the skirt together with a slightly contrasting pocket and then I made the blocks that form Betty’s pile of fabric.

I must tell you that I did go back to the Jennifer Mathis tutorial a couple of times just to reinforce my knowledge but there was definitely a bit of a lightbulb moment somewhere along the line, as it seemed easier than the “Interlocked” paper pieced quilt and yet I think it was a lot more involved.

I still need to bind it and make a label, but I am delighted with the result and can see more paper piecing in my future.


I have come to the conclusion that Paper Piecing is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle, (and I love jigsaw puzzles) the pieces are not always what they seem! You really have to think while you are placing the fabrics, and imagine what it is going to look like when finished so that you ensure you have everything in the right place. But I have discovered I really enjoy the challenge.



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