Downtime = 12 Stars Baby Quilt

So, amidst all the hectivity of getting my quilts ready for the show, a woman needs some downtime, doesn’t she? What do I do in my downtime? Why quilt of course!

I needed to make a baby quilt for a friend in Australia. Then I had heard that one of her colleagues would be in Harare this coming week. There was an opportunity to send the quilt back with him, so I rose to the challenge.

With my Snow Chains quilt misbehaving so badly, I needed something to take my mind off of the situation. Something to cheer me up and stop me feeling like I was a total lunatic.  So I dug out the five star foundation paper pieced blocks that I had made up a few months ago. Initially I had planned to use them in a show quilt, then I changed my mind and so was left with a whole pile of blocks. The blocks are by Kristy Lea @quietplaydesigns from her “Catch a Falling Star quilt”.

Star Blocks
Four of the “catch a falling star” blocks.


I chose twelve of the blocks and arranged them in a three by four combination. Then I sashed them with two inch sashing in white and two inch white border. I backed the quilt with lovely soft lime green flannel, that has tiny white polka dots.

Quilt top partly sashed
Quilt top partly sashed

I quilted the star outline and along the sashing, stiching in the ditch. Then I bound the quilt in a pale lime green plain cotton.

Back view of the finished quilt.
Back view of the finished quilt.

It is quite true that with every quilt your skills grow. I so enjoyed stitching in the ditch, and although it isn’t perfect, towards the end I really got my eye in.

Front view of the finished quilt.
Front view of the finished quilt.

This is also very good practice for my big show quilt “Falling Star” which incorporates a variety of these same five pointed stars but in various sizes.

Saturday Girls all help to baste my "Falling Star" Quilt
Saturday Girls all help to baste my “Falling Star” Quilt

Thursday last week, saw a baste fest at a friends house. I provided the eats, she provided the table tennis table and my sewing group joined in, helping me baste the quilt. It took six of us three hours to finish the basting. Quite an achievement!






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    1. Hi Elly, I look on Pinterest for inspiration, but have just “designed” my first quilt using the five point star as inspiration. You must just start somewhere with quilting, just a basic block. It is so encouraging how quickly they come together. Check out my Pinterest board and you will see how my quilts have progressed and I have only been Quilting for two years. Good luck and if you have any questions just shout.

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