Eight Shades of Pink

It’s now the second week of term and the third week of January and New Year Resolutions are taking the strain. A friend gave me the most beautiful olive green leather moleskin journal for Christmas.

Olive green Moleskin journal.
Olive green Moleskin journal.


You know the story, you stroke the cover, you feel the smooth empty pages and think about putting pen to paper. You are eager to write but don’t want to mess up this little block of perfectness. So eventually I decided, go for it and on the 3rd January I wrote my first entry, immediately apologizing to myself for missing journaling on the first three days of 2018. I listed my resolutions:

Recommence my blog – Lose 10kg – practice yoga every day – give up chocolate – finish my three quilts that I started in 2017.

How’s it going?

Well, you’re reading this (hopefully) so the blog part is working. The weight loss is slow and steady. No chocolate has passed my lips and I’ve failed to practice yoga every day. However, I have enrolled in a weekly yoga class, so you can see the intent is still there. When it comes to the quilts I have been a superstar.

I finished a mini quilt which I am sending to Kansas, USA as part of the Modern Quilt Guild Mini Quilt Swap. I can’t show you it here as it is a surprise but will reveal all in a couple of weeks time.

The second quilt I finished is called Golf Cart and I will be showing you the details next week.

Golf cart quilt.
Golf cart quilt.

The third quilt is a pretty ombré baby quilt that was not without it’s challenges. Which I shall explain now. At this juncture I shall apologize in advance for not photographing every detail. As any blogger will confirm, blogging is hard work and you have to remain vigilant when recording your exploits.  It is so easy to get so engrossed in making the quilt that you forget to photograph every stage. So what you have here is what I have.

The pink ombré quilt was for the daughter of a work colleague. She chose the fabrics and left it to me to choose the quilt design.

hand dyed 100% cotton.
AMAFU hand dyed 100% cotton.

The fabric was 100% Cotton, hand dyed AMAFU brand and was a pack of eight fat quarters in various shades of pink.

Eight shades of pink
Eight shades of pink

I chose a pinwheel design from FreshlyHandmade.com and set to work making the half square triangles.

Half square triangles in progress
I drew a pencil line diagonally on the white squares to act as a guide as I sewed 1/4 inch from the line.

I tried to use the pink fat quarters equally so that there was a relatively even distribution of the colours.

I had to sort them into the same colour groups.
I had to sort them into the same colour groups.

Of course  the thing I hadn’t taken into consideration was that the shades were so similar, it was quite difficult to see the different shade variances with the naked eye.

Pink half square triangles
It proved difficult to see the difference in shades when photographed in colour.

What I did was, line the squares up in what I thought were the correct colours, and then photographed them in black and white. The contrast in shades shows up a lot better in a black and white photo than it does in a colour photo.

Pink Ombré baby quilt
The finished quilt

I had originally thought that I would mix the squares up and do a random placing. However, it became clear that this wasn’t going to work. The pale pink and the darkest pink just didn’t go well together and jarred against each other. So I decided to go the ombré route. The back is quite cute too.

Back of the quilt
Don’t think for a moment that I pieced the back! This was one piece of pre printed fabric.

I’m really pleased with the outcome.



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