Golf Cart Quilt

Each year we host professional golfers that are taking part in the Zimbabwe Open Golf Tournament. Last year we discovered that one of the golfers was soon to become a dad for the first time, and so I thought I would make him a quilt to celebrate.

I am really lucky in my job that from time to time I get to visit different countries, and of course I always try and buy some more fabric, as I haven’t got nearly enough already!

Last March I was in Perth, Australia touring a number of their universities. One afternoon I took a trip out on the bus to a shop called “Spotlight“. It really was an Aladdin’s Cave selling not just fabric but a myriad of other things too. I was in heaven.

Then among the fat quarter sale fabric I spied this really cute fabric with golf carts all over it. Added to that, there were all the coordinating fabrics as well. I had to have it.

Golf cart fabric
The focus fabric and coordinates.

When I got home it truly took me ages to decide what I should do with the fabric and which quilt I should make. With hindsight, I think that perhaps I should have kept the golf cart fabric as one piece.

But I didn’t, I cut it and all the coordinating into two and a half inch strips. I randomly cut strips into small, medium,and longer pieces and then not so randomly joined them to each other until I ended up with one long strip of fabrics.

I then decided on the size 35″ x 37, and cut the strips into 35″ lengths. Again with hindsight I think I should have looked more closely at where the strips ended as some of the lines have very small bits at the end. But quilting is about learning, and each new quilt I make teaches me new lessons.

quilt basted
Quilt being basted.

I added a 1″ white border and then a final border of teal. You might have noticed the lines drawn on the border. This enabled me to sew a continuous line in a sort of greek style border, sewing up one line across, and then down the next line. It took longer than I expected, but I liked the finish and then I stitched a circle in each corner.

Border design
The border was stitched with a continuous line of stitching in a sort of greek design.

Backed in teal flannel with grey dots, I finished the quilt off with a navy binding.

Golf cart quilt.
Golf cart quilt.

I just hope the baby isn’t too big by the time I get to pass the gift on.




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