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Knitting by the Zambezi

We set off for an Easter weekend at Mvuu Lodge in the Lower Zambezi.

The journey from Harare to Chirundu takes about five hours. I counted about sixteen police road blocks on the way through and only got stopped at one.  They were checking for our emergency triangles, these now have to be reflective on both sides! It was quite amusing really. Hubby politely got out of the car to show the policeman that we had triangles, albeit they weren’t reflective on both sides. Hubby opened the case to tip out the triangle. It fell out in about twenty pieces. Busted! the ten dollar fine had to be paid.

View from the car of road to Chirundu.
On the road to Chirundu.

Arrived at Chirundu border post, and despite phoning ahead, we still spent ninety minutes there. Fortunately for me I had been knitting my Debbie Bliss Aran Tunic Dress in the car, and so took it into the air conditioned border post while I waited . It is amazing how me, standing in line knitting, attracted attention from so many different people. From the Immigration Officers who asked me if I could teach them to knit. To the total stranger who approached me asking if I could knit the jersey for him!

Girl wearing Debbie Bliss Aran Tunic Dress.
Remember this Debbie Bliss Tunic Dress. Well I’m still knitting it! Must get a move on as I have more knitting lined up.

We finished at the border post and made our way a short 3 km drive to Gwabi Lodge which is on the banks of the Zambezi and is where we parked our car. We then took a motor launch to Mvuu Lodge, about an hour and a quarter away.

It is a couple of years since I last visited Mvuu, and earlier this year they undertook extensive improvements in the bar and lounge/dining room area. It has made a huge difference leaving the communal spaces, feeling light and airy, and very comfortable. With big leather sofas that you can lose yourself in and a cosy reading nook which has lots of interesting Africa themed books and travel magazines.

Mvuu Lodge bar and dining room.
The revamped bar and dining room.
Mvuu Lodge lounge and reading nook.
The lounge and cosy reading nook.
Light shades at Mvuu Lodge.
How cool are these light shades!

There is a pool that has a paddling area for smaller children and a nice seating area.

Mvuu Lodge swimming pool.
The swimming pool area.

I was so happy to be able to sit and knit. Hubby went off in search of Tiger Fish, and I just sat!

View from deck of Mvuu Lodge in the sunshine.
The outlook is sunny.

I did go out for a sunset cruise which was absolutely beautiful, but apart from that I put all of my efforts into finishing the front of the Tunic, and I succeeded. We had a lovely birthday dinner for our host Lynne on the Friday night and she really loved her hippo mini quilt.

Completed front of Debbie Bliss Aran Tunic Dress.
Front of Tunic finished, check out the cute slit pockets.

The plan was that we would return from Mvuu on Easter Saturday, as I was due to fly out to Perth, Australia, on a work trip on Easter Monday. At about 4am on the Saturday the skies just opened up, and what began as light drizzle ended up as a massive downpour.

View from the deck of Mvuu Lodge in the pouring rain.
Mvuu in the rain.

We measured four inches of rain in five hours! The river rose dramatically and we had no rain gear to wear for the return journey on the motor launch. So we decided to stay an extra night in the hope that the weather would improve by the next day.

Split image of view from Mvuu Lodge deck during the day and at sunset.
A beautiful view at Mvuu both day and night.

Fortunately, the Easter Sunday was a gloriously sunny start, one of those days that make you think the preceding days downpour, had been in your imagination. We left Mvuu at around 6.30am and were astonished to find that 30kms further down the river they had not experienced a drop of rain. The roads were dry and despite a severe lack of organization at the border post, and intermittent storm showers we still made it back into Harare by lunchtime.

Then all I needed to do was start packing for Perth!






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