Time flies when your quilting!

I can’t believe that the babies that set me on the quilting road, and prompted me to make my first quilt turned one on the 1st December 2016.

Ten quilts later, and I am totally addicted, always searching for that special piece of fabric, chatting with my new quilting friends about all things quilty.

My first quilt Gorejena 1. my friend Ala made the sister quilt to this Gorejena 2 so the twins Natalie and Niamh got one each.
Black and white quilt
Quilt no 2: Spots and Stripes and my first attempt at appliqué.
Puzzle Quilt
Quilt no 3: Polly’s puzzle quilt now residing in the U.K. with my friend Jane’s granddaughter Emma.
Quilt no 4: This Falling Charms quilt was made for Emma Lynne Kay to celebrate her blessing.
Quilt no 5: Shamisa
Quilt no 6: Brmm Brmm Baby
Quilt no 7: Zoe the Zebra made for my friend and colleague Amy and her daughter Aliyah.



Quilt no 8: London’s Calling -My biggest quilt so far, a queen size made for my son Jack and his girlfriend Courtney.
Quilt no 9: My pride and joy, called I ❤️️Colour. This was the first quilt that I entered into a quilt show. I won best small quilt and best first quilt. I intended to give it to my friend Karen for her daughter Hannah, but couldn’t bear to part with it.
Quilt no 10: Boogie Woogie Baby this was the replacement quilt for Baby Hannah.

I’ve now made a couple of  mini quilts and am even entering the realms of Foundation Paper Piecing.





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  1. Rima – they are all so lovely!!! You must get so much pleasure from your quilting – thanks for sharing it with us. Lots of love.

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