Zimbabwe Quilt Show 2017 – Part One

I know it’s July since I last posted anything!

Please don’t want think that since then I’ve been lazing around. Lets try to catch up, starting with my quilts for the Zimbabwe Quilt Show 2017.

In my last post Falling Star – my big star quilt was being basted.  I worked incredibly hard to get it finished and it really was touch and go.

Towards the end of term in August, Flu took over and resulted in me having to take four days off work, in an attempt to try and recover. This set my quilt back big time, and I was lucky to be given a couple of days extra to finish it off.

Although, quite pleased with the finished quilt, it was definitely not perfect. So then I decided to wash it, and that’s when I remembered that the navy blue material hadn’t been pre-washed. I desperately hoped that the colour hadn’t run but it wasn’t to be. There was only one star that was quite badly effected, looking very dreary instead of the bright sunny yellow that it should have been. I tried everything, even stitching colour catchers to the quilt and putting it through the machine again, all to no avail.

I had to accept the fact that I had no time left and had to be satisfied with what I was about to submit.

So the three quilts that I eventually entered were:

Boots and Brollies Quilt finished
This was entered as a wallhanging and I called it Boots and Brollies.
Small quilt
Snow Chains- This was entered as a small quilt.
Falling Star Quilt was entered in the large quilt category.

How did you get on I hear you ask?

Well I won second prize for Snow Chains, one out of three isn’t too bad. I’m hoping over the next couple of weeks to show you some of the other prizewinning quilts.



2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Quilt Show 2017 – Part One

  1. Beautiful quilts – so much patience needed!!
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    How’s everything in Zimbabwe?
    Why won’t he just go!!
    Pearl X

  2. Beautiful quilts!
    Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

    Thinking of you – why won’t he go?

    LOL Pearl X

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